Areas of application

  • two-wire current clamps
  • three-wire current clamps
  • multichannel signal systems
  • protection of PLC inputs and higher systems

OVP 81/yy-z and OVP 82/yy-z eight-channel overvoltage protectors are mainly used to protect two- and three-wire 0/4-20 mA current clamps and signal conductors.

It is produced in several versions, it can be asymmetrical only (with respect to common GND) or symmetrical only and also in mixed version, with basic or increased series inductance.

The input is equipped with a spark gap.

The protection is stepped: while the slow protection is put into operation, the emerging overvoltage is limited by the fast protection.

Inductances in the individual channels effectively prevent the penetration of impulse overvoltages, while resistors protect the slow power limiters.

The device complies in EMC-protection with the European standard 89/336EEC. To the INPUT terminals we connect the lines where the overvoltage arises, to the OUTPUT terminals we connect the protected side.

Technical documentation:
Prepäťové ochrany - OVP81 a OVP82
Prepäťové ochrany - OVP81 a OVP82 - asymetricke
Prepäťové ochrany - OVP81 a OVP82 - symetricke