Areas of application:

  • Industrial systems testing
  • Adjustable current source 2…22 (27 mA) mA
  • Three preset current values: 4, 12, 20 mA
  • 4…20 mA current clamp testing
  • Replacement of two-wire sensors 4…20 mA
  • Current clamp integrity test with an optical indication
  • Laboratory, workshop and production testing

The UPD222 is used for testing current clamps of industrial systems, it has extended capabilities compared to the simpler PCS222. It works for industrial current clamps 4…20 mA in two modes: as a current source and as a current sink, in both cases, it is possible to set the current continuously or to choose one of three preset values. The current sink is powered from a clamp, the current source has its own internal power supply from 2 pcs of 9 V – 6F22 cells.

To connect the current collector, the UPD222 has a trio of connection terminals. The middle COM terminal (yellow) is common for both modes. A separate SOURCE terminal (black) has the current source and a separate SINK terminal (red) has the current sink. By switching the TEST-OFF-ON switch to the TEST position, a current of about 15 mA is forced into the clamp. Use the ADJ-FIX switch to select a stepless current adjustment or a fixed, preset value. If no measuring device is connected to the panel terminals of the mA-meter, the intensity of the LOOP LED is proportional to the current in the clamp. If a mA-meter is connected to the UPD222, the current in the clamp can be measured without interrupting the clamp. Correct connection of the mA-meter is indicated by extinguishing of the LOOP signal. Do not connect any extraneous voltage to the terminals of the mA-meter. Do not use both modes at the same time. By disconnecting the clamp from the trio of terminals, the instrument is automatically switched off.

Technical documentation:
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