Areas of application:

  • Replacement of two-wire sensors
  • Industrial systems testing
  • 4 … 20 mA current loop testing
  • Loop voltage 6 … 30 V=
  • Adjustable loop current 2 … 22 mA
  • Stability 0.01%
  • Input voltage limit 30.5 V=
  • Overcurrent protection

Before installing industrial systems, it is essential to test them. In this case, it may be necessary to substitute two-wire passive sensors of 4 … 20 mA to continuously adjust the loop current to the desired value. Of this family of instruments, the PCS222 type is the simplest with maximum accuracy. It is designed for operational needs.

The device is a current guzzler with high accuracy and stability, by which we can at a voltage of 6 … 30 V= to continuously adjust the loop current to 2 … 22 mA when the loop resistance allows it. At a voltage of 6 V= and a current of 22 mA the loop resistance can be max. 50 Ω, at 30 V= up to 1200 Ω.

The two-wire current loop is connected to the input (home) terminals. If no measuring device is connected to the terminals of the mA meter, the intensity of the LED-signal above the setting potentiometer is proportional to the set current in the range of 2 … 22 mA.

If we connect a mA-meter to the lower terminals, we can measure the current in the loop without breaking the loop. A correctly connected mA-meter is indicated by the LED going off. Do not connect any extraneous voltage to the mA-meter terminals.

Technical documentation: