Tensometric hydrostatic liquid level sensors/probes


  • level measurement in boreholes and wells
  • level measurement in water reservoirs and vessels
  • level measurement of waste – water (NPP424-2, NPM421)
  • managing of wastewater pumping


NIVOPRESS submersible tensometric probes are designated for continuous measuring of levels of liquid.

The level probe is thermally compensated and placed in the housing made of a stainless steel used in food industry.

Sealing of the probe is ensured by three different sealing methods.

The end of the submersible transmitter/probe NPP424-1 is cone-shaped, what enables easier installation and removal of the probe to/from narrow boreholes.

The capillary in the supply cable assures elimination of atmospheric pressure changes.

The NPM421-1 version is suitable also for use in significantly turbid liquids (e.g. waste – water) and in the extreme conditions.

The level transmitter should be connected to handing rope or pole with the inner screw-thread G1”.

Complete series of transmitters/probes has external electric calibration option, no HART-modem nor is notebook required, etc.

The outlet is standard current loop 4 … 20 mA.

Line shield eliminates the difference in potentials between the ground protection and the area around the transmitter/probe.

Technical documentation:
Tenzometrické hladinomery – NIVOPRESS - dimensio.sk - obrázok
Tenzometrické hladinomery – NIVOPRESS - dimensio.sk - veľkosť