AGL200 – two wire current loop galvanic separator


  • Dielectric strength – input / output 4kVef
  • Energy transmission – power supply for the two-wire sensor
  • Low loss of current on the separator, type: 2,5 V
  • DIN 35 rail mounting
  • Transmission accuracy better than 0.2%

The AGL200 module is used for galvanic isolation of standard current signals 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA. It receives its own power supply from the input current loop, so it does not need a separate power supply. The module can also be used to decouple a passive two-wire sensor that is powered over a 4…20 mA loop. If a signal in the range of 0…20 mA is decoupled, the load must be resistive. The galvanic isolation is provided by a precision-machined transformer. The input current is converted into an AC signal and demodulated to DC after transformation. The module is protected against interference pulses and against reverse polarity. The separator is in principle a “DC transformer” of the current, therefore the input and output circuit must be closed at the same time. Both input and output are equipped with radiation gas surge arresters.

Technical documentation:
AGL200 - - Galvanicky oddelovac
AGL200 - - Galvanicky oddelovac