Areas of application

  • Sensor technology
  • Input protection for microcomputers and evaluators
  • Protection of power supply systems of measuring devices
  • Instrumentation technology
  • Protection of systems with 0/4-20 mA current loops

The OCL025 module is used to protect the inputs of evaluators, A/D converters and microcomputers, etc., from overvoltages and the effects of lightning and atmospheric electricity that arise on the supply cables of 0/4-20 mA current loops. It has a stable voltage limitation. In principle, it is a reversible electronic fuse with surge protection. While the slow power protection is put into operation, the emerging overvoltage is limited by the fast protection . The protection guarantees EMC according to 89/336EEC. If an overcurrent occurs due to a fault on the wiring or in the sensor or an overload, the module limits the current in the loop to 23-25 mA. The error condition is indicated by a red signal on the front panel and by the electrical output of the ERR type ,,wired-or” with the possibility of parallel interconnection of several modules. It is protected against power supply connection with reverse polarity. DIN-35 mm rail mounting.

Technical documentation