Interior design

Ing. Mikuláš Agárdy
Head Designer

He graduated from high school as an artistic carpenter and restorer. After graduating and obtaining his school certificate, he was admitted to the Technical University in Zvolen to study industrial furniture design, where he obtained an engineering degree. After university he was employed as a designer, and also worked in production process management, productivity and production efficiency analysis. Later he took his own direction, as a freelancer he is engaged in design and realization.

The company is dedicated to interior and exterior design from design to implementation. It offers its knowledge in a wide range of design areas such as ergonomics, typology, construction and more to really help you tackle your living space.Our aim is to show you the best possible solution to your problem, not to mindlessly impose the most fashionable elements of the moment and templates without any logic. We are not trying to solve your space for you, but on the contrary, to solve it together with you. Only in this way will you be truly satisfied.

Don’t know how to renovate your house or apartment? Do you have your own ideas and requirements? We will help you realize them. Do you just want to consult? Come and we will advise you.

Other design activities:
We offer product design, web design, graphic design such as posters, company logos, brochures, business cards, promotional materials, flyers, advertising materials, packaging design and more. In the industrial field, we design furniture, various appliances, packaging, swimming pools and more. We offer photorealistic visualizations of products, ideas.